At the Heart of Recovery
MAAS Multicultural Ambulatory Addictions Services – 203-495-7710

MAAS: Medication Assisted Treatment- 426 East St New Haven, CT 06511

The Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) at MAAS offers treatment for opioid addiction, including the use of both methadone and buprenorphine. The MAAS MAT program utilizes a combination of medication and psychotherapeutic clinical treatment interventions aimed toward building a foundation upon which long term recovery can take place. Individuals entering this level of care meet criteria for methadone maintenance or buprenorphine maintenance. A shorter term taper is available through the ambulatory detoxification unit, if deemed appropriate. MAAS targets inner city and traditionally under-served populations, including but not limited to Latinos and African Americans. Treatment intensity varies based on patient need while the clinic models a “stages of change” approach to opioid treatment. All culturally relevant services are offered in English and Spanish. MAAS offers on-site babysitting to adults with dependant, under school-age children.

Services Include:

Primary Care

Individual and Group Therapy


Psychiatric Evaluation and Follow-up

Case Management

Family Counseling

Auricular Acupuncture

HIV/AIDS/STD Testing and Counseling

Basic Primary Care Services

Trauma Therapy

Gender Specific Therapy

Urine/Drug Screens

Problem Gambling Services

Transportation to higher level of care or Detox program


Those seeking access to this program should contact the intake and screening department at 203-495-7710.

MAAS – Day/Evening/Outpatient Services – 426 East St. New Haven, CT 06511 – 203-495-7710

The MAAS Day Treatment clinic is a structured, intensive outpatient service providing no less than three hours of clinical programming per day, three days per week. Groups are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Individuals in this level of care are offered lunch, as well as on-site babysitting for dependant children under school age. The goal of the MAAS Day Treatment clinic is to provide a primary treatment intervention to adults in the New Haven area who are unable to or unlikely to achieve and/or sustain recovery leading to significant behavioral changes, without engaging in education and therapeutic interventions. In addition, MAAS offers less intensive Outpatient services as a continuum of care for those who qualify. The program targets inner city, traditionally under-served populations. All services are offered in English and Spanish. Those seeking access to this program should contact the intake and screening department at 203-495-7710.